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  CHANDIGARH, Jan 12, 2011

Jassi Khangura

Qila Raipur MLA Jassi Khangura today branded the proposed NRI cell in the CMO as a sham initiative.

He stated "After presiding over the loot of thousands of crores of NRI assets and the registration of thousands of false cases against NRIs, how can this CM dare to claim that he is serving NRI interests?"

Khangura added "Where does this leave the Minister for NRI Affairs S. Sewa Singh Sekhwan? He should resign!"

Questioning the dubious record of this government in serving NRIs Khangura stressed that the NRI portfolio was vested in the Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister till October 2009 during which time they failed to redress a single NRI issue."

"Moreover, what does the CM have to say of the thousands of NRIs declared as Proclaimed Offenders by this government?" Khangura stated.

Khangura stressed that it is an insult for the 50 lakh Punjabi's living outside of India that this evil government has declared 6000 NRIs as proclaimed offenders, more than all the predecessor governments together.

The MLA continued "The CM needs to explain why his government has failed to deliver on the promises made at the Jalandhar NRI samellan in January 2008. Why no published lists of NRI proclaimed offenders? Why no published list of cases involving NRIs? What happened to the compulsory review of FIRs against NRIs within 7 days by a designated SP?"

Khangura added "The Punjab Government has not been able to hold the annual NRI samellan for 3 years because there is nothing to report since the 2008 event except the blood and tears of NRIs."

The MLA stressed "on account of my 40 years in the UK I am daily contacted by numerous NRIs that are suffering under the weight of this wretched government. Confiscation of NRI property in Punjab is such a routine occurrence that it appears the Punjab Police have standing instructions from Sukhbir Badal to aid the loot of NRI property without hesitation."

Khangura stated that he was confident that NRIs would unite to expedite the demise of the Akali-BJP alliance in the forthcoming Punjab elections and clarified "in at least 50 assembly constituencies it is the NRI influenced vote that is decisive. Sukhbir will soon get his just desserts!"


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